We're still standing!

Now the first quarter of the year has passed and also the anniversary (17 / 3-20) for when the university went over to some distance education due to the pandemic. It also meant that the Student Union was faced with the challenge of reorganizing, and to some extent unfortunately canceling our activites. Regardless, the student union's activities have not fully stopped, even if for natural reasons it has not been as visible.

We have started collaborating with the University to find areas in different ways where we can support all students who have been affected by the pandemic. Among other things, we review strategies for how we can most easily communicate digitally in group work as well as in the classrooms and with the teachers.

The University Chancellor's Office (Universitetskanslerämbetet, UKÄ) has begun an evaluation of the University's quality system for education. In February, the student union gave its view on the same, which partly sounded like this: “Halmstad Student Union sees that student influence is a living part of the quality system and has played a significant role in the development of the quality system. Halmstad Student Union believes that Halmstad University has a well-functioning quality system that still has the opportunity to get better ”. If you are interested in reading the entire student submission, you can find it in swedish here.

In the coming months, we will have digital quiz walks, digital board game evenings, career lunches, ovve week, distribution of coffee bags and Arbetsmarknadsdagen has its big fair where you can meet several companies, maybe even one of your future employers. The fair is completely digital this year and kicks off on April 21! 

As you can see, a lot happens, even though we cannot meet physically. We therefore want to encourage you to follow us on instagram where we continue to conduct digital events and other events. There you can always see what is going on and how you can participate.

Halmstad Studentkår

Election to positions on the board

Just now we are in the election period for our organizationa different parts. Feel free to visit them on instagram where they have in the past week gone through the different roles that can be applied for and why you should apply for them. Below you will find links to all the choices on Facebook where you can submit your application or nomination.

Kårstyrelsen och veksamhetsrevisor

We are also in the election period for our positions as student representatives. If you want to be involved and influence your education, you can read more about the election process for the student representatives here.

Student of the Year

Every year, during the graduation ceremony, the University awards the Student of the Year award to students at each academy. Anyone with a relationship with the University can nominate candidates for the award. April 15, 2021 is the last day to nominate candidates for the 2021 award. By awarding the Student of the Year award, the University wants to draw attention to and highlight existing students who have excelled in various ways during their studies and is a positive role model for both the University and its students and for the surrounding society. You can read more and nominate someone you think should be Student of the Year here.

HSK Fastigheter & Idrottscentrum

Our real estate company HSK Fastigheter has vacant properties on Patrikshill and KB. To know more and show interest in these objects, please email bostad@hskfastigheter.se. Membership in the student union is required to be assigned these objects.

Idrottscentrum remains open with measures to comply with the restrictions imposed by the Swedish Public Health Agency. As usual, IC gives you who can show membership in the student union a favorable price of SEK 255 / month to take part in both gym and group training sessions. Right now they also have a Spring Deal for you who may feel that you do not necessarily need access to the gym all year round.

Ombud for students and PhD-students

The ombud for students and PhD-students task is to assist you as a student at Halmstad University with advice and support in matters concerning your rights as a student. You can contact the ombud regardless of whether you are only looking for information or have a larger case to sort out. No third party will be informed that you have contacted the ombud if you do not actively consent to it. You can reach our representative Deniz at studentombud@karen.hh.se.

Last but not least...

... we would like to highlight that our union chairman Timmie is nominated for the King's Foundation Young Leadership Scholarship Kompassrosen.

The Compass Rose scholarship will go to young people who, regardless of formal title, have shown in action that they have taken responsibility and shown a commitment beyond the ordinary and who can show that the scholarship can help them to continue their development in good leadership. They must therefore both have lived up to the spirit of the criteria established by the scholarship committee and have a clear plan for the use of the scholarship for training in value-based leadership. "

Of course we think it's super fun and keeps our fingers crossed that he takes this home.

Digital brochure

More information about us as a student union can be found in our digital brochure.

HH Student Caledar

More information about what is happening at the University can be found in the Student Calendar.