The structure of the association

You as a member have the last vote!

You as a member of the student union influence what we do and what we should focus on to make your time here at the university as good as possible. You can make your voice heard or make requests throughout the financial year, but the easiest way to influence is by attending our 4 member meetings, 2 per semester. If this interests you, you will find lots of information in our document archive, click here to get there (Swedish link).

But to facilitate the work, we have a lot of positions of trust that, through various responsibilities, ensure that it turns out as you intended.

The Presidium

The student union's presidium includes three full - time paid employees. These are elected by the members and then sit on their position of trust for one financial year. They have different areas of responsibility that they put their greatest focus on, but of course it works with a lot of other things around there. Together with the union board, they must cover the daily operation of the student union.

Vice Chairman
Student social responsibility

Jonathan works as Vice Chairman with study social responsibility. He is the hub of the student social commitment and ensures that our union involvement get the help they need in their work.

Union chairman
Responsibility for education monitoring

Johanna's task as union chairman is to be responsible for the student union's activities as a whole. She is also responsible for the educational monitoring we conduct at the university.

Vice Chairman
Collaboration responsibility

Axel works as Vice Chairman with collaboration responsibility. His task is, among other things, handling the student union's collaborations with students, other student unions, business and more.

Union involvement

The union involvement are boards elected by the members and which arrange various types of student social events. If you want to read more about our union involvement, refer to the respective boards' instagram, you can find them through the links below.


Karriär works to ensure that students at Halmstad University gain experience and contacts with the business community already during their studies. We do this by arranging e.g. workshops, company visits, mingling and inspirational lectures.


Hjärter6 are the ones who run our pub business with nice afterworks, pub nights, events such as birthday parties and gasquers etc. They usually hang on our union building Lilla Hjärtat, the students' house on Nässjögatan 6.


Överstaben is the union board that works to welcome new students. The goal of the Nollning is to welcome new students to security through knowledge, community, challenge and joy - a goal that we constantly aim back at during the spring's work with the Nollning.


Thorax promotes the overall culture, among other things by arranging overalls gasquers and the Green Mile. Their biggest assignment is to organize Hjärtslaget, a three-day party in February where students from all over Sweden come to party, play and socialize.


UFO stands for University Friendship Organization and UFO's purpose is to help international students at Halmstad University to make new friends, socialize, and experience what Halmstad and Sweden have to offer.


We appoint student representatives to Halmstad University's all decision-making and preparatory bodies (committees, councils and boards). These representatives are the students' voice towards the university and those who monitor the quality of your education.

AMD Fair

The Labor Market Day is a business fair that was founded in 2015 at Halmstad University. The idea behind the fair is to connect students with the business community both locally and nationally. The fair is an excellent opportunity for companies to recruit students who are on their way into working life. This opens up opportunities for students who are looking for a job, an internship or a collaboration for a C-thesis. We also have the opportunity for contact interviews where companies can offer selected students to go on a short job interview. The contact talks were introduced last year during the fair and were much appreciated.
Read more about the fair here 

Lilla Hjärtat
the students' house

Lilla Hjärtat - The students' house, is our gathering place. Here we run our pub business in general, but the venue is there for you all. If you want to have an event at Lilla Hjärtat as a private person, you as a union member have a discounted price, and if you want a gasque with other students, it is completely free. 

You will find the house at Nässjögatan 6, so quite in the middle between all our student housing! Contact Hjärter6, the board that mainly stays at Lilla Hjärtat and they can give you more information or show you around!