Accommodation in Halmstad

Information regarding what you need to think about when looking for accommodation in Halmstad.

The search for student housing in Halmstad can be quite challenging due to the limited amount of student accommodation.  

On this page you can find information about what you need to think about when looking for accommodation in Halmstad.
  • What to consider regarding rent and contract for accommodation.
  • Landlords in Halmstad and how you can contact them.
  • Ads for private landlords.

Information - Autumn 2023

Exchange student

Updated 2023.08.21

We have a limited amount of student accommodation and we can therefore not provide accommodation to all students. 

Now we have a few rooms avalible, if interested  send an email to 

 Since we cannot guarantee accommodation for everyone, we recommend you to search for accommodation by yourself as well.

Any questions, send an email to 

International student

Updated 2023.08.21
The Student Union have a few rooms avalible for international students. Contact if interested. 

Since we cannot guarantee accommodation for everyone, we recommend you to search for accommodation by yourself as well.

Important information and guidance on how to find accommodation in Halmstad.

To consider

It can be difficult at the beginning of the semester to get a place to live. When you have received your admission notice, start looking for accommodation as soon as possible - before your arrival.

Here we have compiled a list of landlords in Halmstad who rent to students and where you can find ads for accommodations.

It's important that you contact the landlord yourself, we can't do it for you. 

It can be a good idea to take the first you are offered, and then find accommodation that suits you once you are in place. 

Also search in the neighboring municipalities Falkenberg and Laholm where there are good train connections.

Join different groups on Facebook such as Lägenheter i Halmstad.

Landlords in Halmstad

Click on the company to go directly to their website.  Note that not all of their sites have an English version. 
Updated 2023.08.21

Long-term accommodation
  • HFAB Halmstad municipality's student apartments. Unfurnished apartment. Not for families. Does require a Swedish social security number/personal identification number. If you do not have a Swedish social security number, contact their customer center for help with registration 035–138300,
  • Willhem ABUnfurnished apartment. If you do not have a Swedish social security number, contact their customer center for help with registration 035-280 42 50.
  • Stugcentralen -  Furnished cottages and apartments from september to may. Email to: 
  • First Camp Hagön -  Furnished cottages and apartments from september to may. Email to: 
  • First Camp Tylösand Furnished cottages and apartments. Email to:                       
  • Natti Natti Furnished room, shared kitchen. Long-term hostel, not available during the summer. E-mail for information regarding student facilities: 
  • Halmstad Hotel Apartments - Furnished room with small kitchen. Long-term hostel. E-mail for information regarding student facilities:
Websites with available private accommodations 
  • Blocket - website with private landlords.
Short-term accommodation
  • Airbnb - does not require a Swedish social security number/personal identification number.
  • Booking - website with hotels and hostels in Halmstad.

Starting to study can be both new and exciting, and for many it also means a new home.

Halmstad Student Union is helpful with advertisements for housing, for individuals and companies who wish to rent out to students.

We also pursue the issue of student housing by actively working in student politics towards our local politicians and nationally through the umbrella organization, Swedish National Union of Students (SFS), of which we are members.

Private rental properties

Below, private individuals advertise about available accommodation. Halmstad Student Union has no responsibility for the rental
between private landlord and tenant. We only convey the ad for the landlord. Contracts are written between the landlord and the tenant.

Send an email to if you want to advertise. The ad is up for two months, after which it is then taken down. If a longer period is desired, the landlord can then contact us again.

Available object to rent

Published Nov 22, 2023
Attractive four-bedroom apartment of 112 square meters duplex for rent!

This consistently bright and pleasant apartment is perfectly planned with a smart distribution of space. Downstairs there is a well-equipped kitchen with dishwasher, a toilet and spacious social areas that are ideal for social events or relaxing. Upstairs there are three separate bedrooms where you can enjoy peace and quiet, complete with a bathroom with shower.

The apartment is part of a charming building with a total of 5 apartments, with mainly student tenants, which means that the rhythm and atmosphere will be recognizable and create a pleasant community. Located just a 5-minute walk from the university and 10 minutes from the city's main train station, this is an optimal location for students or people who appreciate the proximity to educational opportunities and city life.

In addition to the convenient location, the house offers access to a communal laundry room and storage room as well as a lovely apple orchard with a secluded patio where you can relax or socialize with friends.

The rent includes electricity, heating and WiFi, providing a comfortable and hassle-free living environment.

Details of the apartment:
  • Type: Duplex, 4 rooms of 112 square meters
  • Rent: 12 600 SEK
  • Available: Immediately and until further notice.
  • Location: 5 minutes to the university and ICA MAXI Högskolan, 10 minutes to the city's central station
  • Rent includes: Electricity, heating, WiFi
  • Access: Storage room, laundry room, dishwasher, communal garden, free on-street parking with ample parking facilities
About the object
  • 12 600 SEK / month
  • Included electricity, heating and wifi
  • Until further notice
  • Close to campu
  • 4 rooms of 112 sqm, duplex

Available object to rent

Published Nov 21, 2023
A room for rent in my house where me and my daughter live. Sharing bathroom, kitchen and laundry room with me and my daughter, have pets, cat. Toddlers or pets are okay but may affect the rent. Choose between a furnished room or an unfurnished room. Rent 4000/month unfurnished or 4500/month for a furnished room with a sofa bed, deposit when moving in that is returned when you move out, one month's notice. Garbage collection and wifi are included in the rent and kitchen utensils are shared with others in the home. Only for students at Halmstad University, maximum 9 months short-term accommodation with the possibility of a new contract after the end date. Contracts are attached if interested. Starting date 1 January 2024 at the earliest. The room is located at Vallås with 150 meters to the nearest bus station where the bus runs at least every half hour, once every fifteen minutes during rush hours.

Electricity, heating and water are included in the rent. Dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, balcony and bathtub/shower are available.

About the object
  • 4000-4500 SEK / month
  • Furnished if desired
  • Are there pets
  • Starting date: 1 January 2024
  • Located at Vallås
  • Garbage collection and wifi are included in the rent

Available object to rent

Published Nov 16, 2023
Furnished apartment for rent to student

A furnished small apartment of about 30 sqm for rent, with its own WC and shower, as well as kitchenette and patio, in a courtyard house on a villa plot in Söndrum. Rent 4.500 SEK/month, including electricity.

About the object
  • 4500 SEK / month
  • Including electricity
  • Approx. 30 sqm
  • Furnished
  • Located in Söndrum

Available object to rent

Published Nov 15, 2023
Newly renovated, fully furnished cottage, 3 rooms and kitchen in Skummeslövsstrand

The cottage has 75 sqm of living space, with two separate bedrooms and an open floor plan between the living room and kitchen. One bedroom has a double bed and one has a 90 cm bed and a bunk bed with a 120 cm wide lower bed. The kitchen is new and fully equipped with dishwasher, new bathroom with shower and washing machine. Bright and fresh decorated with modern furniture. Nice garden and large sunny terrace with outdoor furniture available. We are responsible for the garden, including with the help of robotic lawnmowers.

We are looking for two, maximum three well-behaved and smoke-free students who want to live close to the sea in quiet Skummeslövsstrand. Svens livs in the city centre has everything you need. Larger purchases are made either at Willys in Båstad, where Systembolaget is also located, or at ICA Maxi in Mellbystrand. By car, it takes 20 minutes to Halmstad and 10 minutes to Båstad.
Monthly rent for the whole cottage is SEK 8,000 including heating, water and garbage collection. The cost of broadband is 500 SEK/month. Intended rental period for the academic year 2024: Spring 3 January-16 June, Autumn 18 August-2 January.

About the object
  • 8000 SEK / month
  • incl. heating, water and garbage collection
  • 75 sqm
  • Furnished
  • Located in Skummeslövsstrand

Available object to rent

Published Nov 13, 2023
Fully furnished and equipped two-room apartment (63 sqm) located in a villa in Tylösand for rent starting January 1, 2024. The rental period lasts until June 15, 2024 or as agreed.

It is 300 metres to the bus that goes directly to the University and 250 metres to the sea. Access to the laundry room is available as well as a small patio.

The rent is SEK 6,000 per month including water, heating and wifi.

About the object
  • 6000 SEK / month
  • Water, heating and wifi included
  • 63 sqm
  • Fully furnished
  • Located in Tylösand
  • 300 metres to the bus stop

Available object to rent

Published Oct 30, 2023
Apartment in private villa, about 35 sqm, fully furnished.

The rent includes electricity and Wi-Fi. A combined living-bedroom, bed 120 cm, TV, furniture and wardrobes. Kitchen with stove, fridge and freezer, microwave, dining table and kitchen utensils. Shower and toilet, hallway and cleaning cupboard. Own washing machine in the basement. The building is located on Hertig Knutsgatan, close to the campus.

The apartment is well equipped and rented out to one (1) person. Location close to bus stop, supermarket, travel center and free parking on the street.

The apartment is located on the second floor with a separate staircase. The landlord lives on the ground floor. There are no other tenants. Access to garden and patios.

Rent SEK 5,800 per month. There are no other costs other than a deposit when moving in. Flexible occupancy from 15 November and contract until 15 June 2024.

About the object
  • 5800 SEK / month
  • Approx. 35 sqm
  • Located on Hertig Knutsgatan, close to campus
  • Furnished
  • Free parking on the street
  • Near bus stop

Available object to rent

Published Oct 25, 2023
Rent out a 3 room apartment on the second floor (about 85sqm) in my house.
Have had many students who have lived here over the years.

1-2 bedrooms, v-room with balcony and 1 room (walk-through room) adjacent to the kitchen. Can be used as an office, larger dining area.

Washing machine is available in the apartment.

There is a private patio, so barbecuing etc. is possible. There is also an electrical outlet there for possible charging of your electric bikes.
Free car parking is available outside.

Close to bus stop.

Fiber is available, so just choose your own range. You have your own electricity meter so you pay for your household electricity.

Heating and hot water are included in the rent.

It is available from 1/11 possibly a little earlier.

The rent is 9325 SEK/month (no rent increase in 2024)

Please let me know if you are interested.

about the object
  • 9325 kr / month
  • Approx. 85 sqm
  • Heating and water are included in the rent
  • Household electricity will be added
  • Free parking
  • Close to bus stop

Available object to rent

Published Oct 20, 2023
Furnished apartment in my villa with private entrance

Own car, space, 3 bedrooms and living room, kitchen and balcony, it can stay 3 children and 2 adults or 5 adults, the rent is 11000 / month for long-term rental period at least 1 year or 700 SEK per night but minimum rental period is 2 weeks.

Sheets, bed linen and tablecloths are not included in the rent

What is included in the rent
  1. Washing and drying machine
  2. Kitchen utensils for 6 person Microwave and coffee maker, kettle, blender and blinder
  4. Heat
  5. Hot and cold water
  6. WIFI
  7. TV

Address: Topasvägen 1 , 302 59 Halmstad , Sweden

About the object
  • 11.000 SEK / month
  • 4 rooms and kitchen
  • Furnished
  • Electricity, heating, water and internet are included in the rent

Available object to rent

Publicerat 2023.10.20
Attefallshus with access to pool in Söndrum Halmstad

A newly built garden house in Söndrum, Halmstad. The house consists of a living room/kitchen, bedroom or office, and bathroom. There is also a loft of about 12 sqm for bedrooms and/or storage and there is an adjacent storage room. In the house there is a dishwasher, fridge with freezer compartment, induction hob, combi oven, microwave, convection oven, regular oven, fan and washing machine.  There is also access to a small storage room, bicycle storage where electric bikes can be charged as well as car parking and there is wifi. The house is heated and cooled with an air-to-air heat pump. It is also possible to charge an electric car. The bathroom has a toilet, shower, washbasin with bathroom cabinet and heated towel rail. The accommodation is fully equipped with crockery, cutlery, glasses, mugs, pots, frying pan, French press and other utensils.

The house is furnished with a small kitchen table and two chairs, a bed with spring base 140 cm, a double bed with box spring base 160 cm (2x80 cm) in the loft, a sofa bed, small coffee table. If necessary, the bed can be placed in the loft, a desk can be placed in the bedroom/office and it is possible to set up more chairs. There is also access to a swimming pool during the period when the heat pump is running. On the patio immediately outside there is a garden table and chairs.

Söndrum is located between Halmstad city centre and Tylösand. The property is about 250 meters away from sandy beach. The city centre is 4.5-5 km away by bike, moped or car. Halmstad University is about 7 km away. The nearest bus stop is 600 metres away. Buses run frequently in the morning and afternoon. Nearby there is a grocery store, bakery, Thai restaurant, sushi restaurant, wraps and salads, pizzerias, pharmacy, medical center, etc.

The accommodation is well suited for students. We rent out during the period November to May with rent-free June-August and the possibility of rent-free during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The rent includes everything except household electricity where the tenant has to pay for their own consumption at the same price/cost as we pay.

PS: I'll be happy to send you photos if you want.

About the object
  • Located in Söndrum
  • Furnished
  • Newly built garden house
  • Everything is included in the rent except electricity

Available object to rent

Published 2023.10.09

Vacant rooms in a collective

Right now we have three vacant rooms in a collective that is located in
between the university and the train station in Halmstad. All three rooms have access from January. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared with other students and laundry facilities are available in the basement. The rooms are spacious, 15sqm - 20sqm large and furnished.

The rent is from 4300 SEK/month depending on the size of the room
And the rent includes electricity, heating, water and internet.

About the object
  • Rooms in collectives
  • From 4300 SEK / month
  • Electricity, heating, water and internet are included
  • Available from January 2024
  • Furnished

Available object to rent

Published 2023.09.29
We have an Attefalls house that we rent out monthly or semester-wise

Detached house on the plot. The house is about 30 sqm with bedroom, toilet with shower and washing machine and room with equipped kitchenette (fridge, hob, microwave and fixtures are available). The house is furnished with bed, table with chairs, and sofa bed. Outside the house there is a small patio. Newly built!

Calm and pleasant person with good references is rewarded.

Available from 8 October.

Rent: 4500 kr. (2023) Electricity will be added. The rent includes network, water, garbage collection and parking. Smoke and pet free.

Located at Furet in Halmstad. Distance to University: 2,8 km City centre: 2 km 

about the object
  • 4500 SEK / month
  • Internet, water, garbage collection and parking included
  • Electricity will be added
  • 30 sqm
  • Smoke- and pet-free
  • Located on Furet

Things to consider before moving in

Some things to keep in mind when moving in: contract, rent and notice period. If you want to know more about what it's like to live in Sweden as a student, check out Study in Sweden is a website provided by the Swedish Institute.


The contract between you and the landlord is legally binding, therefore it is important that you read the contract carefully and ask if there is anything that is unclear before you sign.

Some appartments are furnisched and some are not, make sure this is stated in the contract.

Notice period

In Sweden, we have regulated through the law the practice of notice period of 3 months. That is, you must notify the landlord in writing that you are moving out, 3 months before the moving-out date. That means 3 full calendar months, for example if you are planning on moving out on 30th of June, you must cancel the accommodation before 31st of March.


The rent in Sweden is usually between 4000 to 8000 SEK for an apartment with a room and a kitchen. Depending on what is included and how big the accommodation is in square meters. 
Usually, electricity, water and heating are included in a rental apartment, however, the cost of household electricity and internet may be added. Therefore, expect a cost for housing of about 6000-10.000 SEK.

Some landlords also want a deposit that you get back when you have moved out, provided that everything is ok with the accommodation.OBS. Never pay the deposit before you have seen the accommodation. 

The rent is paid before the month begins, for example if you move in on 1st of September, the rent must be paid before 31st of August.

Living in Halmstad

Close to everything

Inside the city centre you will find local shops and big brands. There are plenty of restaurants and opportunities to have a swedish FIKA. If you don't know about FIKA, check out this video or ask the closest Swede ;) 

At the University you can find our gym (read more here).  The university is also close to ICA Maxi, a supermarket where you will find everything you need.

Great connections 

Don't worry if you don't find accommodation within walking distance from the University.

Buses will take you everywhere and run around the clock (read more at Via Mecenat you have student discount on public transport.

Since Halmstad is a small city it's very easy to get around Halmstad by bike. There are plenty of different dealers and repairers for used bicycles in the city. For example, Håkansson's Cyklar or Rima Cyklar.

The Öresund trains takes you up to Gothenburg and down to Malmö in less then two hours. From Malmö the same train goes on to Copenhagen.


Länsförsäkringar Halland

Länsförsäkringar Halland has made it easy for you as a student. The student/youth insurance protects you and your things that you own, rent or borrow for your own use when you live in a tenancy. It also includes protection if the accident should occur when you are traveling, both in Sweden and abroad.