Scholarships and Trainee program

You as a student can apply for scholarships during your studies. A scholarship is a financial contribution from a fund or other actor and they are often linked to your field of study, your place of study or your city of study.

Trainee programs are usually aimed at newly graduated students at universities and colleges or young professionals, ie. those who have been in working life for a few years.

Contact the respective actor if you as a student have questions about an individual scholarship or a trainee program.


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Qreds scholarship

4 out of 5 jobs are created by small business owners. They are thus the backbone and foundation of a well-functioning economy. Since its inception in 2015, we at Qred have helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs create growth in their businesses with the right type of financing.

We believe that entrepreneurship and small business deserve more spotlight and research.

That's why we're now establishing Qred's Scholarship. It will be awarded to a paper that deals with and examines entrepreneurship and/or small businesses.
Qred's scholarship is awarded to a paper written to highlight and raise issues around entrepreneurship and running small businesses. The scholarship is intended to promote knowledge and innovation for the entrepreneurial industries in which Qred operates.

The scholarship is awarded to the individuals behind a research question that stands out from the crowd, which aims to highlight issues that have not yet been researched and which has chosen an interesting approach.

Last day to apply: January 4, 2024. For questions contact:
For more information:  Qreds Scholarship - For an essay on entrepreneurship

Kreditkoll's scholarship of SEK 5,000

The swedish big banks' physical offices are becoming fewer and fewer and getting competition from fast-moving new players such as neobanks and upstart banks. New currencies are popping up at an exceptional rate. We live in an age of digitization, increased mobility, new ways of shopping and new forms of communication. The digital transformation and technological innovation in the financial sector is attracting a lot of money from venture capitalists.

Sweden is often at the forefront when it comes to disruptive ideas and implementation, but we often get many of these new innovations and business models through meetings with people in other countries, for example through studying abroad.

Kreditkoll wants to promote this direction with a scholarship, Kreditkoll's scholarship of SEK 5,000, which is awarded either to someone who writes an essay on the subject of Fintech or completes all or part of their studies abroad.

Last day to apply: Spring semester 2024-04-30 Autumn semester  2024-10-31
For more information:  Kreditkoll's scholarship: Fintech or studies abroad

Trainee program

We will only publish trainee programs aimed at English-speaking students in this section.
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