Freshers Weeks

Halmstad Student Union and the Överstab are proud to present 2021 Nollning!

The Nollning will be held on 19 - 28 August. You will be contacted by students who will guide you thru your first week at the univeristy who will explain more what nollning means.

As we approach further to the start of the semester, we will also update with more information here.

" "We wish to welcome new students through knowledge, community, challenge and joy."."


Introduction held by the univeristy. 

The university provides an introduction of their own called New at HH, it's is not to confuse with the Nollning from the Student Union even though they have the same purpose. One can participate in both if they want to. 

Information about NEW AT HH will be released at the unviersty webpage later on.