Freshers Weeks

Due to the new restrictions that came out just before Christmas and the current Corona situation right now, we have chosen to cancel the Spring-Nollning 2022. 

However, with that said, we will nevertheless review what we can do to welcome new students to Halmstad University in the best way possible anyway

Updated 2022.01.05

On the 11 of January there is something called New @ HH, a webinar for all new exchange and international students.

If you have questions, please get in touch with

Introduction held by the univeristy. 

The university provides an introduction of their own called New at HH, it's is not to confuse with the Nollning from the Student Union even though they have the same purpose. One can participate in both if they want to. 

Information about NEW AT HH will be released at the unviersty webpage later on.