Freshers Weeks

Nollning 2022 is between 18-27 August. 
During 10 days, new students are welcomed to the Student Union, Halmstad University and Halmstad as a city. You get to know your new classmates by socializing with your new class, challenging other programs in competitions and games. As a newcomer to the city, you get the chance to discover Halmstad and find your way on campus in fun ways!

Updated 2022.05.24

Why is it called Nollning? Why is it called Nolla?
Nollning is an introduction before school starts. It is called Nollning because you as a new student do not have any higher education credits yet (zero points), hence you as a new student is simply called Nolla (a Zero). The different Nolle-groups have their own schedules but some activities are joint.
You will receive your schedule when you meet your group. Here is an approximate schedule for joint activities:

18th of August: gathering with your group 
August 19 at 1 pm - Opening of Nollningen at Amfi!
August 20 - Beach Day at Östra stranden
August 21 - Amfi
August 22 - Sjuk-kampen
August 23 - Mandatory introduction webinar
August 24 - Pubrunda
August 25 - Amfi. Burning balls
August 26 - Construction day, picasso park, M-battle, Laudebilrally
August 27 - Regatta, Picasso Park, Closing in the Evening!

If you have questions, please get in touch with

Introduction held by the university. 

The university provides an introduction of their own called New at HH, it's is not to confuse with the Nollning from the Student Union even though they have the same purpose. One can participate in both if they want to. 

Information about NEW AT HH will be released at the unviersty webpage later on.