The Spring Nollning presents - Wälkomstspelen!

Wälkomstspelen (The Welcoming Games) is organized by the Halmstad Student Union during January 19-21 and is an activity for new students at Halmstad University who start during the spring semester. For three days, we will engage in various games and competitions, and organize a student sitting and parties at our student pub Lilla Hjärtat. Registration takes place in the form below, but to participate you need to be a member of Halmstad Student Union, which you can become here on our website or at our reception once you are in Halmstad. In addition to that, participation in Wälkomstspelen will also cost SEK 200 per person, which is paid on-site. It includes student patches to sew on your future student overall, a student sitting with food on Friday (20/1), and a ticket to the student pub Lilla Hjärtat's pub opening (21/1).



Thursday (19/1): Welcoming fair in the University Hall 10:00-16:00

On the first day, you are welcome to the Welcoming Fair in the University Hall. As a new student, you can meet various organizations in Halmstad, at the University, and within the Halmstad Student Union. During the fair, you can walk around and familiarize yourself with the different things in Halmstad and associations at the University. Everything from your future program association to the Student Pub, from links to the future working life to associations that organize trips to Lapland or Studentphester in other cities. You will be able to participate in various activities, competitions, and games at the fair, and you are welcome to come and go as you please.


Friday (20/1): The Welcoming Games in the University Hall 10:00-16:00

On the second day, the actual Welcoming Games will take place. All new students registered for the games will be divided into teams and compete in different games, where we finish playing with a Tournament.


Medieval Gasque at the student pub Lilla Hjärtat 18:00-01:00

In the evening, we will go to Halmstad Student Union's student pub Lilla Hjärtat, for Gasque, a term used among students and refers to a party with a sitting. Gasquer is recurring in Swedish student life, so here is your chance to see and learn about how it is done, even if this Gasque is perhaps not the most traditional. Food will be served during the evening, and you will have the chance to buy drinks at the bar.


Saturday (21/1): Award ceremony and closing party 19:00-02:00

On the last day, we will meet at Lilla Hjärtat for the award ceremony in the Welcome Games. Here you also get the chance to mingle a bit with the other new students before the clock strikes 21:00 and the doors open for the remaining students at the University and Lilla Hjärtat's official pub opening.

Welcome to Halmstad, and we hope to see you at The Welcoming Games 2023!

You'll find the registration form here!

Freshers Weeks

Nollning 2022 is between 18-27 August. 
During 10 days, new students are welcomed to the Student Union, Halmstad University and Halmstad as a city. You get to know your new classmates by socializing with your new class, challenging other programs in competitions and games. As a newcomer to the city, you get the chance to discover Halmstad and find your way on campus in fun ways!

Updated 2022.05.24

Why is it called Nollning? Why is it called Nolla?
Nollning is an introduction before school starts. It is called Nollning because you as a new student do not have any higher education credits yet (zero points), hence you as a new student is simply called Nolla (a Zero). The different Nolle-groups have their own schedules but some activities are joint.
You will receive your schedule when you meet your group. Here is an approximate schedule for joint activities:

18th of August: gathering with your group 
August 19 at 1 pm - Opening of Nollningen at Amfi!
August 20 - Beach Day at Östra stranden
August 21 - Amfi
August 22 - Sjuk-kampen
August 23 - Mandatory introduction webinar
August 24 - Pubrunda
August 25 - Amfi. Burning balls
August 26 - Construction day, picasso park, M-battle, Laudebilrally
August 27 - Regatta, Picasso Park, Closing in the Evening!

If you have questions, please get in touch with