Freshers Week

During 10 days, new students are welcomed to the Student Union, Halmstad University and Halmstad as a city. You get to know your new classmates by socializing with your new class, challenging other programs in competitions and games. As a newcomer to the city, you get the chance to discover Halmstad and find your way on campus in fun ways!

The Nollning for 2024 will be between the 22nd and 31st of August!

Exchange students and international students

Welcome to Halmstad University and your upcoming adventure! We’re looking forward to meeting you and to make sure that your time in Sweden will be memorable and filled with experiences. We have planned and arranged 10 days in August that are filled with activities for every single student that will begin their studies. These days are meant to be an introduction for the new students to meet their new classmates and to build new friendships that will make this period in your life memorable. If you as an international or exchange student choose to participate, you will be meeting students from all around the world that will be in the same situation as you. These 10 days are something that we call Nollningen (The Zero-ing) and we highly recommend all of our new students to participate. Students from all educations across the university are divided into groups, that aim to cluster students in similar education and/or situation. The group for international and exchange students is called X-Change and wear white overalls. You can find their Instagram here.

Why is it called Zero-ing (Nollning)? Why are you called a zero?
Zero-ing is an introduction period before the studies start. It’s called Zero-ing because you as a new student don't possess any university education credits, which is also why you’re being called a zero. It has nothing to do with you as an individual ;)

Who and what is Överstaben?
Överstaben is the board of directors that's responsible for the planning and implementation of the Nollning. Överstaben has guided, educated, and worked with the management groups (called "staber") that are responsible for each and every nollning group.

What is the meaning of the Nollning?
The purpose of the Nollning is to introduce the new students to the student life through safety, knowledge, community, challenges, and joy. Överstaben is actively working to make sure that every individual that participates at the Nollning is in safe hands and gets a good introduction to everything that the student life entails. The Nollning does not mean that new students will be humiliated or embarrassed in any way. All participation during the Nollning is completely voluntary.

What happens during the different days?
The different groups have their own schedules but certain activities are joint with other groups of new students. You will receive your schedule when you meet your group.


If you have any questions, please contact

The Spring Nollning - Wälkomstspelen

Wälkomstspelen (The Welcoming Games) is organized by the Halmstad Student Union during January and is an activity for new students at Halmstad University who start during the spring semester. For three days, we will engage in various games and competitions, and organize a student sitting and parties at our student pub Lilla Hjärtat. Registration for Wälkomstspelen takes place closer to the event, but to participate you need to be a member of Halmstad Student Union. You can become a member here on our website or at our reception once you are in Halmstad. In addition to that, participation in Wälkomstspelen will require a fee which is paid on-site. It includes student patches to sew on your future student overall, a student sitting with food on Friday, and a ticket to the student pub Lilla Hjärtat's pub opening.