The Buddy Program

The Buddy Programme is a mentorship program for new students at Halmstad University arranged by the University Friendship Organization (UFO) and the Coordinator for International Students at the Student Union. Membership in the Student Union is not required and all students are welcome to apply. Together with your mentor and group you can plan activities, practice English, Swedish or other languages or just keep in touch in case you encounter problems and need some guidance. Welcome to the Buddy Program!

Apply to the Buddy/Buddy mentor program

If you are, or are becoming, a new student at Halmstad University, want to increase your network and meet new friends during your time in Sweden you have come to the right page! New students can join the Buddyprogram in the role of Buddy. As a Buddy, you will be included in a group of up to five students who all share the same Buddy mentor. 

A Buddy mentor is a Swedish student at Halmstad University that is responsible for your group when it comes to communication with the group, planning activities and offering general support and guidance. Together with the other Buddies and your Buddy mentor, you make up a Buddy group. The group is an excellent way to meet students that you might otherwise not have gotten to know, from different fields of study and different nationalities and cultures. 

Do not forget that your Buddy mentor is also a student who works on a volunteer basis and that the Student Union and University is always there when more support is needed or when the mentor receives questions they do not know the answer for. We work hard to provide everyone with the possibility to be included in a Buddy group but the number of groups vary from year to year.

For more information and questions, please contact the coordinator for international students or UFO. You can find our privacy policy here.