Active student influence

During their studies, students at Halmstad University have influence over their education and Halmstad Student Union strengthens the development of education and the conditions for studies and an active student influence.

From Halmstad Student Union's Vision.

High quality education, for your future! 

Halmstad Student Union's main mission on a fundamental level is education monitoring, student influence and quality assurance. We are required to be the students voice at the university and ensure that the students’ perspectives are included when needed.

Student influence is the right to be involved and influence the university's activities. It is regulated in the Higher Education Act, Chapter 2, Section 7, where it is stated that students have the right to attend decision-making and preparation that is of importance to education or the students' situation. Student influence is most often conducted through student representation and in practice means that a number of students are elected to represent all the university's students in the boards and committees that deal with issues related to education and work environment.

That students have the right to co-decide on issues concerning education and that right is ultimately managed by Halmstad Student Union.

  • Always use your right to perform course evaluations

  • Contact the Student Union if you have suggestions or there are deviations from the rules.

  • Become a student representative at your program, academy or on a central level.

Student representatives at Halmstad Univeristy

It is in accordance with section 7 of the Student Union Ordinance that the student union has the right to appoint student representatives. We appoint student representatives to Halmstad University's all decision-making and preparatory bodies (committees, councils and boards). These representatives are the students' voice towards the university and those who monitor the quality of your education.

Our work with student influence

Halmstad Student Union works every day with academy-specific issues and overall issues with greater impact, with student influence towards Halmstad University as well as towards Halmstad municipality for a lively and engaging student life. We must be the students' voice and we achieve this most easily together with you who are students.

The university group

Influence joint long-term investments and quality work at the university.

The schools group

Raises educational issues within the academy and gain insight into the academy's work.

The study
environment group

Influence the students 'study environment and gain an insight into how to strengthen the students' conditions.