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Halmstad Student Union's main task is to monitor all Halmstad University's programs. Education monitoring mainly means working to develop education at the university for the better for all the university's students and doctoral students.

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As a student it is important to get involved during your studies. Both in your studies and alongside them. Commitment shows drive and responsibility and students who got involved during their studies become more attractive in the labor market.

Student social activities

We also make sure that there are fun events that take place when the school hours have passed. This is handled by our student social sections!

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Our document archive

Here you will find all public documents from Halmstad Student Union, such as control documents, meeting documents, protocols and more. In the public archive there are documents for the current year and 3 years back, if you want to access documents that are older than that you can contact info@karen.hh.se and we will help you with it.


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