Study in Halmstad and Sweden

We prefer to not invent the wheel again and since Halmstad Univeristy already have put together a very good information site regarding studying in Halmstad we will just guide you to it.

Freshers week

The Nollning will be held on 19 - 28 August. You will be contacted by students who will guide you thru your first week at the univeristy who will explain more what nollning means. Until then you can read more about the Freshers Week (Nollning) here

Campus map

We know that it can be difficult to find on campus at first. Here you will find a campus map that can be good to look at before. If you still find it difficult to find, you can always run past the Student Union's reception in the glass corridor and we will guide you to the right place!

Engagera dig

During your studies, there are several ways to get involved. Among other things through us in the student union or within your own program. Here you will find more information about union involvement and contact list (in Swedish) for the program associations. Your program association can also help answer questions about your program more specifically.

Mecenat card

Your patronage card will be sent digitally to the email address you used when you applied for your education. In order to achieve the criteria for obtaining a patronage card, you must insure your studies yourself and then the university must do the same. You will receive help with this during the first days on site in Halmstad. As a union member, you get your mecentat card 15 days for everyone else!


When you need different types of student support, you can turn to Studieverkstaden. Here you can, among other things, get help with your study techniques, how you can improve your academic texts and tips on how you can do to succeed with the distance studies.

Ombud for Students- and Phd students

It can feel safe to know that the Student Union has a student representative if something during your studies would not feel completely good. The representative's task is to assist you as a student at Halmstad University with advice and support in matters concerning your rights as a student.


All admitted students will receive information via email on how to apply for accommodation through HSK Fastigheter. Please read more about the process and who is eligible by clicking the link below. Also note that one can not apply without beeing admitted to Halmstad Univeristy.

Student Healthcare Center

Student Healthcare Center is for all students at Halmstad University. They are available to you throughout your studies and they can also guide you on to other health care if you need it. Contact them if you have concerns about your health.

Halmstad University Libray

Halmstad University Library is a public library that is open to everyone, where the library's main task is to provide services to researchers, students and employees at Halmstad University.