Get involved

Halmstad Student Union is an organization run for and by students and in many ways non-profit involvement is the big gear in the Student Union's activities. It is through our committed students that the Student Union can work for a better education and a better student life.

We are therefore constantly looking for new motivated students who want to get involved in the Student Union's activities. As a committed person, you get the opportunity to participate and shape your study time in Halmstad. You will create valuable experiences and a network of contacts that extends beyond the program boundaries and together with us you will have the opportunity to make a difference - for you and your fellow students!

Union committed

The Student Union's ongoing activities are run by our Union committed students. As a union committed member, you sit on one of the Student Union's boards and are involved in the work with everything from student social issues to issues of quality assurance and education monitoring. By engaging as a Union committed student, you have the opportunity to influence the organization from within and be involved in making both strategic and operational decisions for how the business is to be conducted between Member Meetings.

Our union members!

The student union is a member-borne organization, which means that it is the members who own the association. As a union member, you can get involved in the Halmstad Student Union by actively participating during the year's Member meetings and elections. By casting your vote, you as a member have the opportunity to influence the association. By taking part in the association's documents and meeting documents and submitting your own proposals for changes and areas for improvement, you can be involved in deciding how we as a student union should conduct the business.

Work on our events

The staff is an important part of the Student Union's student social activities, without staff it is difficult, for example, to run the Student Pub Lilla Hjärtat and arrange large events such as Hjärtslaget. As a staff member, you receive various benefits, depending on union organs and events, such as VG points, food tickets and invitations to special events. Read more about how you can get involved as a staff in the respective union involvment' activities.

VG points

When you get involved in the student union, you get VG points. You can credit these points when you apply for a semester abroad for studies abroad. Once you have completed a commitment, you can click the button below to apply to receive your VG points. 

Remember to send in the form in good time so that we have time to approve the application and send you your certificate. You then upload the certificate together with your application for a semester abroad to the university. This is mostly useful for swedish students who plans to go for their abroad for the first time. 

Commitment that gives Vg points:
  • Work at the student union's event
  • Sit on a board
  • Work at Lilla Hjärtat
  • Get involved in a program association
  • With more