Our Companies

The student union owns two companies, HSK Fastigheter and Idrottscentrum. As a student union, it feels important to be able to meet the students on several levels during your study time, not just through your education. Therefore, we are grateful to be able to have the opportunity to run both a housing company and a gym, part of the work in giving you as a student as meaningful study time as possible.

HSK Fastigheter

HSK Fastigheter has an important role to play when it comes to student housing in Halmstad, especially for international students who do not have the same opportunities as other students to apply for housing before and during their studies.

Their vision is to "offer attractive and safe housing", something they always strive for by being sensitive to their tenants who are a wonderful mix of people of different ages, from different parts of both Sweden and the world.

HSK Fastigheter has a workforce of seven people who work to enhance your experience of your accommodation during your studies should be as good as possible. With a focus on student housing only, they know their target group and know that the study time can be both tough and intense, but also that for many it is a fun and eventful time you remember throughout life.


Idrottscentrum is a full-service gym that offers a fantastic range of training opportunities for everyone in Halmstad. They are a certified Eleikogym, and Les Mills facility. This means high quality strength, conditioning and group training both indoors, outdoors and digitally. They help you adapt your training, whether you are an elite athlete or an exerciser.

They also offer personal training and advice in training, diet, health and motivation, massage, physiotherapist, test opportunities in physiology and sports psychology. You will find them at Halmstad University close to ICA Maxi.