Our organization

Here is a short description of how the organization is connected, further down you will find more information about each individual part. You students are the foundation of our organization, without you we would not exist.

The student union is a organization driven by members, which means that it is the members who own the association and decide what we should do and how we should do things. They do this through the members' meeting, which is the organization's highest decision-making instance.

During the member meetings, it is decided on the budget, business plan and who will control the organization the time between our member meetings, including business auditors who review the business and report back to the member meetings and a nomination committee that prepares people for positions within the student union that decides between member meetings and ensures that members' decisions are implemented.

The Board of Trustees includes the presidium, which works full-time, a representative from each unionen involvment board and up to five other members.

Our association and Union involvement

Here you can read more about how our association is structured, about our presidials, our union involvments and extracurricular activities in general.

Position of trust

There are more ways to get involved within the Student Union. In addition to the obvious fact of making your voice heard as a member or perhaps sitting on a union body, you can, among other things, choose to sit on the Nomination Committee, to be the Auditor General or to be a Student Representative.

Our companies

Here you can read more about our companies: The real estate company HSK Fastigheter and the gym center Idrottscentrum.