The Study Environment Group

What positions are available within the group?

  • The Central Work Environment Committee (CWEC) – 3 representatives

  • The Student Committee of CWEC – 3 representatives

    (same as above)
  • The Student Disciplinary Board - 2 representatives, 2 substitutes
  • The Recruitment Committee - 1 representative, 4 substitutes
    • One substitute for each of the schools
  • The Network for the integration of equal opportunity and diversity - 1 representative.

Why should you become a student representative in the Study Environment Group?

As a student representative in the Study Environment Group, you can participate in:

  • Influencing the students' study situation

  • Gaining insight into how the university works to strengthen the work conditions for students

  • Representing the students' opinions regarding the study environment situation

You will gain experience in;
  • Social and work environment-related issues concerning students

  • Working strategically with broadened participation and broadened recruitment

  • How Halmstad Student Union works with study social and work environment-related issues.

Within the study environment group, the assignments vary and as an example you can gain experience in interview techniques and to highlight important aspects of employment for students, in The Network for the Integration of Equal Opportunity and Diversity you work with gender equality issues in the higher education world.

How do you become a student representativ?

During spring term, everyone can apply to become a student representative. Follow us on social media to see the information. As a student representative, you have a term of office of 1 year starting after the summer holidays.

  • Have an interest in the students' study situation and social issues
  • Has been elected to a union in a program association or within the Student Union