The university group

Influence joint long-term investments and quality work at the university.

What positions are available within the group?

  • University Governing Board - 3 representatives.

  • Research and Education Board - 4 representatives

  • Committee for Doctoral Education - 3 representatives (PhD Students)

  • The Advisory Board for Quality Assurance – 1 representative

Why should you be a student representativ in The university group?

As a student representative in the University Group, you can:

  • Be involved in influencing joint long-term initiatives and quality work at the university.

  • Represent the students' voice throughout the university and highlight the students' opinions.

  • Meet teacher representatives, academy directors, the chancellor, the vice-chansellor and administrators from all over the university.

You will also gain experience of:

  • Strategic work

  • Representing opinions and actively participate in meetings

  • How Halmstad Student Union works strategically with educational issues

How do you become a student representative?

During the spring, everyone can apply to become a student representative. Follow us on social media to see the information. As a student representative, you have a term of office of 1 year starting after the summer holidays.

  • You have been a student representative before.

  • You have experience in positions of trust.

  • You have an interest in overall strategic issues for the university.

  • You have experience of the Student Union's work with education monitoring.